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The Socare Ind journey began in 1999, with four children under its care. Today it has grown like a banyan tree. During pre-pandemic years more than 170 children were sheltered for comprehensive care, confirming the confidence it has built up among the beneficiary communities.

The boys’ hostel at Laggare, in Peenya (Bengaluru), that can house 160 children, was commissioned in 2014. The old Girls hostel building adjacent to the boy’s hostel in Laggare, Peenya, has been rebuilt in 2019 after demolishing the old structure to accommodate around 70 girls.

A well equipped Common Kitchen, Library cum Computer Labs with high speed Internet connection, Solar Power Grids, Solar Water Heaters, etc are the main features of our facilities that ensure a better living condition to our children.

A branch at Gulbarga, was set up in June 2011 exclusively for taking care of boys. A new building in a piece of land acquired on long lease from the Gulbarga Development Authority (GDA) has been constructed. The building has all modern facilities with a capacity to shelter 50 children. The building also has necessary infrastructure for setting up a skill Development Centre to cater to the academically not so strong children and the released prisoners to give livelihood opportunities to them.



  1. Majority of the children study well and get ranks
  2. They excel in sports, dance, painting and martial arts, etc
  3. Majority of them are FIRST GENERATION SCHOOL GOERS.
  4. Today they are HAPPY, VERY CONFIDENT, and have the PASSION TO SUCCEED IN LIFE no matter what their background is.
  5. They are longing to make a POSITIVE difference in the society that shunned/ haunted them


  1. Socare Ind has also impacted the lives of parents of these children. Their confidence in Socare has strengthened their expectation that the future of their children should be different from theirs.
  2. They strongly believe that the bright future of their children is in the safe hands of Socare.


  1. Socare Ind has impacted other communities as well. A large number of individual volunteers support Socare Ind with material and financial help.
  2. People’s awareness about the huge problem and the need to address them seriously is on the increase.

From a Sociological perspective there is a growing awareness about the various nature of crimes in the society, their impact on families, the root cause of the crimes, and the need to address the root cause rather than the symptoms.

Late Mr. Mani & Mrs. Saroji Mani

“The hands that do the work are much holier than the lips that pray”.

This life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive. Swami Vivekananda

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